The Church's Mission, Vision and Core Value Statements as follows:

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is as follows:
"To uphold the centrality of the Word of God and through the enablement of the Holy Spirit, adopt a holistic development of her human and material resources to:

  • Improve Church growth through evangelism and nurture
  • Attain self-sufficiency through effective resource mobilization
  • Address all factors that inhibit development through advocacy and effective delivery of social services
  • Uphold the Reformed Tradition and cherish partnership with the worldwide body of Christ.

Vision Statement

Our Vision Statement is:
"To be a Christ-centered, Evangelistic, Disciplined, Democratic, United, Self-sustaining and growing Church".

Core Value Statement

The PCG is founded on certain core values that must not be compromised in the achievement of the Church's strategic objectives. These Core Values are our belief in:

  • The Centrality of the Word of God;
  • Discipline;
  • Integrity;
  • Hard work;
  • Humility;
  • Unity;
  • Upholding Democratic principles;
  • Godly Leadership and skills Development; and
  • Sound Moral Principles.
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