• Worship Committee

The committee is responsible for planning church programs.  It coordinates all church activities and prepares by-yearly Preaching Plan.


  • Finance Committee

The finance committee is in charge of all monies that come into the church, i.e., tithes, offertories, and donations from outside.  It overseas our bank accounts and makes disbursements as authorized by the Session.  It prepares quarterly statements which includes individual statements, and prepares a full financial report that is audited by an external auditor.  The Committee also advises the session on exploring new areas of investments  


  • Strategic/Human Resources Committee

This committee is responsible for all matters dealing with church personnel.


  • Property Management Committee (Trustees)

The committee manages the church’s property and keeps record of all the physical properties of the church.


  • Welfare Committee            

The welfare committee works with the session to visit the sick, shut-ins and the bereaved. 

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