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Between the years of 1970 and 1980 Ghanaian immigrants living in the Tri-State area, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut increased in number.  There were social gatherings for naming ceremonies, birthday parties, infant baptisms and funerals.  Presbyterians from Ghana who were present at some of these gatherings sang church hymns and songs that are known as “traditional” Presbyterian hymns.  The Presbyterians got acquainted and bonded.

 There was a high rate of deaths among Ghanaians in the early 1980s that resulted in organized wake keepings and funeral services by the Ghanaian community. In 1982, Mrs. Margaret Ohemeng was so concerned about the high death rate that she suggested a day of prayer be organized for divine intervention.

 During one of these prayer meetings, the Presbyterians decided to form a congregation.  In 1983, Mr. Kumi Dwamena who was a Doctoral candidate in Ministry and Education at Columbia University volunteered to compile names, addresses and telephone numbers of all Ghanaian Presbyterians who lived within the Tri-State area.

 In the summer of 1985 a meeting was held at 310 Convent Avenue, New York City to discuss the possibilities of starting a Presbyterian Church.  Rev. S. K. Aboa a former Ecumenical Secretary of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, who attended the meeting, advised those present to form a branch of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana in New York.

  The following people attended the meeting and became the founding members:


  • Yaw Asiedu,
  • Emmanuel Bediako Yirenkyi,
  • Frank Kwame Sakyiama,
  • Eugene Adum Kwapong,
  • Osew Asare,
  • Joseph Boateng,
  • Mrs. Mary Boateng,
  • Master Calvert Boateng,
  • Mrs. Victoria Kumi Dwamena and
  • Dr. Kumi Dwamena.



Sunday, November 24, 1985 marked a significant point in the history of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana in New York, USA.  On that day, over a hundred worshipers congregated at the Broadway Presbyterian Church to form the new Church.  For five years, the Broadway Presbyterian Church allowed us to use their facilities for worship. Later, the church moved to its present place of worship, Mount Morris Ascension Presbyterian Church at 2 West 122nd Street, New York, New York 10027.  Soon after the inauguration, several groups were formed according to the constitution of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Accra to foster the spiritual growth of the young congregation.

  1.  The Singing Band:  Inaugurated in Sunday, December 28th, 1988
  2. The Church Choir:  Dedicated on Sunday, October 28th, 1990
  3. The Women’s Fellowship:  Inaugurated on Sunday, April 25th, 1993
  4. Men’s Fellowship:  Inaugurated on Sunday, June 26th, 1994

 On Saturday, May 28th 1988, the late Very Rev. Daniel A. Koranteng, Moderator of the then Synod of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana commissioned and installed the following people as elders of the congregation.  Mr. Yaw Asiedu, Mr. Eugene Adum Kwapong, Mr. Emmanuel Bediako Yirenkyi, Dr. Enoch Amo Gyanafi, Mr. Okpoti Sowah, Mr. Michael Ofori Mankata, Mr. Ben Dodoo Djoleto, Mrs. Angelina Akiwumi, Mrs. Thelma K. Annan and Rev. N. A. Olleennu.  Immediately after the commissioning service, Dr. Kumi Dwamena was ordained and installed as the first Pastor of the church.

 The year 1992 in the history of the Church was a year of commitments, changes and challenges.

  1. The session voted that effective January 1, 1992 we should worship three times a month instead of once.
  2. Bible Studies officially became part of our worship service. The third Sunday of each month is used for Bible Studies.
  3. The first Confirmation service was held on Sunday, June 28th, 1992. On that day we confirmed nine young girls and seven young boys.

The congregation that started with a few members has grown to be about 550 members. The number of our Youth is over 70 and is growing.  On special occasions such as Easter Sunday, Christmas, New Year and Annual Harvest, the number exceeds 650 people.

 The Presbyterian Church of Ghana in New York was the first church in the Tri-State area organized and fashioned after the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.  Thus its corporate headquarters is in Accra, Ghana.  Other Ghanaians in different parts of the country followed suit and now there are nine other congregations namely; PCG Newark, New Jersey; PCG Bronx, New York; PCG Virginia; PCG Maryland; PCG Worcester, Massachusetts; PCG Dallas, Texas; PCG Houston, Texas, PCG Chicago and PCG Bethel, Chicago.  Through our efforts two congregations have been established in Montreal Toronto, Canada.  

 In 1995, the church celebrated its 10th Anniversary and purchased a van for pastoral work at the cost of $25,000.  It was paid in full by member contributions. 

As the church grew it became necessary to find our own place of worship to accommodate our needs and spiritual growth.  In 2000, the church purchased the building at 259 – 261 West 123rd Street, after numerous searches, from the Police Athletic League at a purchase price of one million five hundred dollars ($1,500,000).  Five hundred thousand dollars were paid in cash and we made mortgage payments with the owner.  The building was purchased with the consensus of the majority of the congregation.

 In 2002, Rev. Yaw Asiedu was commissioned as a Pastor in Ghana.  On September 1st 2003, he became the Pastor-in-charge of the Presbyterian church of Ghana in New York.  He succeeded Rev. Dr. Francis Kumi Dwamena who retired after 17 years of service.

 On September 19th 2004, the church celebrated the retirement of  Rev. Dr. Francis Kumi Dwamena.

On October 24th 2004, the then Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian church of Ghana, the Very Rev. Dr. Sam Prempeh and the Clerk of the General Assembly, Rev. Dr. Gyang-Duah erected the Overseas Mission Field, USA.  The Overseas Mission Field comprises of all the Presbyterian Church of Ghana congragations in the USA.  Its headquarters is housed at the Presbyterian Church of Ghana in New York at 259 – 261 West 123rd Street, New York.  On the same day, Rev. Yaw Asiedu was ordained and became a full-time Pastor of the church.


The history of our congregation would not be complete if we fail to record all the necessary help from the late Rev. Dr. Eugene Adair and his wife Dr. Thelma Adair rendered to the Church and that of Mount Morris Ascension Presbyterian Church. We give thanks to the Almighty for making it possible for us to worship in our languages and to use Twi and Ga to evangelize in a foreign country. We are deeply grateful to all our members and friends and well wishers who through their faithfulness and support have brought us thus far. 

Glory be to God for bringing us this far.


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