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Presbyterian Church of Ghana in New York is organized according to the constitution of the Presbyterian church of Ghana. The General Assembly monitors the activities of the church and the executives visit at least twice a year from its headquarters in Ghana. Our Mission is to lead people to a deeper commitment of faith in God and fellowship with one another, through Jesus Christ. We seek the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to broaden the use of our God Given talents, time and resources to advance the mission outreach of the congregation and the works of the large church.

On October 24th 2004, the then Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian church of Ghana, the Very Rev. Dr. Sam Prempeh and the Clerk of the General Assembly, Rev. Dr. Gyang-Duah erected the Overseas Mission Field, USA comprising all the Presbyterian Church of Ghana congregations in the USA. It's headquarters is housed at the Presbyterian Church of Ghana in New York. On the same day, Rev. Yaw Asiedu was ordained and became a full-time Pastor of the church.

Currently, the church has three full-time employees, which are; a Church Secretary, a Sexton and an Organist/Choir director. Presbyterian Church of Ghana in Manhattan celebrates its Silver Anniversary this 2011. We are challenged to hold fast to the gospel call of Christ to go into all the world and proclaim the gospel of Christ.

If you live in the Tri-State area, we extend a hand of invitation to you to make a date with us this Sunday. Our doors are also open to you if you don't have a family church where you regularly worship. God Bless You!


Divine Worship Services


Church Choir


Singing Band


Men's Fellowship

2nd & 3rd Saturdays@5:00pm

Women's Fellowship

1st & 2nd Saturdays@5:00pm

Young People's Guild

Last 2 Saturdays @6:00pm

Bible Study & Prayer Group


Church Band


Finance Committee

2nd and Last Fridays@6:30pm

Session Meetings

1st & 3rd Fridays@6:30pm